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Our WHAT is Your Individual Empowerment Companion®

We set out to build a system for the world, that for the first time ever, brings Learning AND Doing together in space and time.

Solving an unsolved and eternal problem: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap.

The result is a fully digital and integrated Learning & Development System at the cutting edge of technology.

The impulzity «Zeitgeist» Leadership App is Your Individual Empowerment Companion®.

Its job is to support you and your team in the daily work with positive, relevant and individualized impulzes – tirelessly anytime & anywhere.

It has everything on it. It provides an action-oriented learning environment and supports proactive Learning AND Doing. It provides relevant and high quality learning content. With individualized impulzes you and your team will become better in many areas from day to day.

In short, its task is to accompany ALL like a loyal Mentor so that everyone in the organization can experience the fulfilling outcome of Productivity AND Happiness on an entirely new level.

Easy to become a consistency hero!

All in one App:
Individual Talent Manual, typology 4.0, e-learning and leadership development.
Fully digital, at the cutting edge of technology – available anywhere and anytime.

  • Providing 1 to 2 individualized impulzes daily
  • Sending the right impulzes to the right person
  • Enabling proactive, focused Learning AND Doing
  • Providing an action-oriented learning environment
  • Creating foundations and opportunities for reflection
  • Providing relevant and high quality content
  • Reward through global first dynamic Soft Skills Certificate

The new way how Learning AND Doing leads to …

… Productivity AND Happiness.

Easy to use, learn and do.

Easy to get it – just Plug & Play!
Easy to use, easy to learn, easy to do!
Easy to become a consistency hero!

For ALL and immediately! Across hierarchies.
Cool content for ALL individualized.

Every impulze fits, every impulze is relevant!
Every impulze is an experience!

Easy, cool, magic!

This is how personnel development works for EVERYONE.

«impulzity provides direct and immediately implementable support.»

«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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