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Everything starts with an impulze

Everything starts with an impulze.

Whether people and organizations achieve high Productivity AND Happiness depends strongly on the daily human-to-human interaction.

Everything starts with an impulze, which is why we have developed a system that proactively optimizes daily human-to-human interaction with small impulzes.

How goals are achieved in complex systems can be seen wonderfully in billiards! The white ball has the task to support the colored balls to reach their goals. The precision of the impulze by the white ball plays a decisive role.

An effective Learning AND Doing is supported in billiards by the learning ball. This has red dots to make spin and rotation visible. The impulzity® logo symbolizes the color inverted learning ball.

The impulzity® claim summarizes our promise. The more precise the impulze, the better the outcome: better impulze. better outcome.

With impulzity®, people and organizations can encourage and challenge each other to celebrate great success together.

Individual Empowerment creates a world in which ALL become a little bit better every day. In this way, what everyone wants is achieved: Productivity AND Happiness.

Best regards

Frank Grimmling

better impulze. better outcome.

At impulzity®, we are a team of enthusiastic specialists and visionaries who believe that the balance of Productivity AND Happiness can be achieved by every individual.

Our goal is to make a valuable contribution to the world and help people achieve greater success, fulfillment and happiness.

To build a system that leads to this goal, it is necessary to systemically combine the most effective and successful ideas, approaches and methods.

That is why our international and interdisciplinary team consists of experienced experts from the fields of leadership, organizational and human resource development, psychology, didactics, design, technology and communication.

The result is the world’s first fully digital and integrated Learning AND Development system.

With impulzity®, a globally usable system has been created that meets the highest standards in terms of innovation, methodology, technology and quality.

The high quality refers not only to the technology, but also to the soft factors of the impulzity® system.

The highest quality standards have been implemented in data security as well as in the empathetic selection of words and expressions. Each impulze is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Swiss quality in action.

The impulzity® system combines scientifically advanced principles with concrete, practical application.

To ensure that impulzity® accompanies and supports in everyday life in a human and sympathetic way, it is consistently built according to the principles of positive psychology.

State-of-the-art technology easy and cool!

«impulzity provides direct and immediately implementable support.»

«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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