Individual Empowerment

Imagine a world where all of us receive individual empowerment every day.

Individual Empowerment

Individual empowerment enables you to make optimal use of your personal resources and talents. This allows you to achieve far more for yourself and others.

The innovative impulzity® leadership system utilizes the power of positive and individualized impulzes.

Each impulzity® impulze assists in starting an empowering micro-conversation between two people.

Two better impulzes per day easily lead to a better outcome and to more productivity AND happiness. It’s somehow like brushing your teeth 2×2 minutes a day.

better impulze. better outcome.

Megatrend Individualization

Never before humankind had more knowledge.
What most people wish today is individual empowerment to turn knowledge into action. That’s why individual empowerment is one of the most important things of this decade. The impulzity® Leadership System brings true individual empowerment to our workaday world.


Individual means adapted to the specific needs, resources and talents of a person.


Empowerment means strengthening people in such a way that they can make optimal use of their own resources and talents.

Sometimes people just need a bit of encouragement or support to really get things done. Often a short reinforcement is enough.


Sometimes only a small piece of the puzzle is missing to make something possible. A small addition and everything goes easier.


Almost every person likes to be actively encouraged. Strengthening what someone can basically do quickly brings a sense of achievement.


With new ideas and perspectives, the possibilities can be expanded. This also makes routine tasks interesting and varied.


In everyday life it can happen that a short energization from outside is useful. Then things will go much better again!

better impulze. better outcome.

Build each other up!

Amazing what an impulze can do!

Reach the next possible level.

Make it happen, you can do it!

More variety, more fulfillment.

Receive individual empowerment every day!

What‘s productivity without happiness?
What‘s happiness without productivity?