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Get what everybody wants: Productivity AND Happiness

We believe everyone should get the opportunity to use their individual resources and talents the best possible way.

The fulfilling outcome for you and your team is Productivity AND Happiness.

Every individual has a unique mix of resources and talents. Activate them!

Sometimes people just need a bit of encouragement or support to really get things done. Often a short reinforcement is enough.
Sometimes only a small piece of the puzzle is missing to make something possible. A small addition and everything goes easier.
Almost every person likes to be actively encouraged. Strengthening what someone can basically do quickly brings a sense of achievement.
With new ideas and perspectives, the possibilities can be expanded. This also makes routine tasks interesting and varied.
In everyday life it can happen that a short energization from outside is useful. Then things will go much better again!

The individual is the strength of the team, the team is the strength of the individual.

The impulzity Individual Empowerment Model lays the foundation for reciprocal fostering.

Individual Empowerment doesn‘t happen by chance!

At the beginning of every success stands effective Self Leadership, Team Leadership and People Leadership.

The impulzity Leadership App, more precisely your Individual Empowerment Companion, utilizes the power of positive and individualized impulzes.

These enormously valuable impulzes allow you to do ONE thing a little better every day! The applied principle of small steps. This is how you actively support yourself and your team.

The optimal combination of Learning AND Doing.
Be a doer!

«impulzity provides direct and immediately implementable support.»

«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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