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Our HOW is Individual Empowerment

Because every person is different, everyone of us needs a different form of support. Individual Empowerment means that everyone gets what they need to be successful.

The impulzity Individual Empowerment Model systematically facilitates the reciprocal fostering of people.

Individual Empowerment is probably the world’s most successful Leadership Style.

Sometimes people just need a bit of encouragement or support to really get things done. Often a short reinforcement is enough.
Sometimes only a small piece of the puzzle is missing to make something possible. A small addition and everything goes easier.
Almost every person likes to be actively encouraged. Strengthening what someone can basically do quickly brings a sense of achievement.
With new ideas and perspectives, the possibilities can be expanded. This also makes routine tasks interesting and varied.
In everyday life it can happen that a short energization from outside is useful. Then things will go much better again!

Everything that people learn and do goes through 5 phases:

Because all beginnings are often difficult, mutual encouragement is needed to really tackle something new: encourage.

After that it is all about doing something right: enable.

Through continuous optimization, an unceasingly higher level will be reached: enhance.

To make learning and doing interesting, variety is the key: enrich.

And when energy drops a little towards the end of an intense day, you are happy to receive a valuable impulze with positive energy: energize.

The day starts with an impulze …

… and another impulze.

That‘s why we call it impulzity.

It‘s about precision.

Amazing what an impulze can do for you!

better impulze. better outcome. – What outcome do you wish for?

«Zeitgeist» Leadership

What does «Zeitgeist» Leadership mean? Leadership is no longer just leadership of others, but increasingly leadership of oneself – Self Leadership. Decentralized workplaces, flat hierarchies and increasing productivity pressure require each individual to take a high degree of personal responsibility.

In the new world of work, people must be able to manage many things at once. They have to organize themselves, manage their time, deal with enthusiasm and frustration, reorient and motivate themselves on a daily basis. They must be able to express themselves, they must understand others in order to achieve results together with them. That’s quite a lot!

Self Leadership has become the number one skill. Only those who can lead themselves are productive and happy. They are able to lead their team members and employees: Self Leadership, Team Leadership, People Leadership. Everything starts with the individual, everything starts with Self Leadership!

For a team or a community to be successful, it needs mutual and individual support, because nobody wins alone. Like a top-class sports team, where team members proactively support each other, Team Leadership leads to extraordinary success in organizations.

Probably one of the most challenging tasks to be found is People Leadership – the individual leading of people. Self Leadership is the decisive basis here as well.

«Zeitgeist» Leadership requires an optimal combination of Self Leadership, Team Leadership and People Leadership. The art now is to enable and ensure this on a daily and consistent basis.

Always the best fitting impulze.

All starts with you!

Together successful!

Leading people proactively.

The result: self-confidence.

«impulzity provides direct and immediately implementable support.»

«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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