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Some of the common issues that many organizations face today include demotivated employees, high levels of sick leave, and costly employee turnover. These issues often stem from the neglect of one overriding truth — that every employee brings to the table their own unique resources, talents, behaviors, and most importantly, personal needs. Individual Empowerment is what happens when organizations choose to recognize these differences and invest in the development of individuals, human-to-human communication, and the fostering of talents. 

Individual Empowerment is the world’s most successful Leadership Style, because every person is different and every one of us needs a different form of support. Individual Empowerment means that everyone gets what they need to be successful, and here’s why:

Development of talents and resources 

Every employee hired should be an asset to an organization. Regardless of the more obvious remits of their job title, they each bring a distinctive mix of talents and resources that should be activated, not overlooked. Many individuals aren’t even fully aware of their strengths and without support, these strengths can remain dormant. By committing to individual development, organizations send a message to their workforce that not only do they believe in their employees’ talents, but that the realization of those talents is of great importance and value. This kind of Individual Empowerment leads to Productivity AND Happiness as employees grow in confidence and are motivated to give back to their workplace.

Better communication and teamwork

Empowered individuals are better able to communicate what they need, what they can contribute, and how they work best. As colleagues come to appreciate and know each other in more depth, work quickly becomes more efficient. Organizations that invest in Individual Empowerment are equally investing in better working relationships, more informed channels of communication, and high-spirited employees that know how to achieve their goals. It all starts with the individual and the individual is key to building successful teams.

Employees that take action

Most importantly, Individual Empowerment results in employees that are more effective, go the extra mile, take ownership, feel more fulfilled, and have more fun! Empowered individuals have the confidence to act independently and combine Learning AND Doing by taking on board new lessons and then getting things done. Organizations that can recognize the importance of Individual Empowerment bring out the best in their employees and set themselves on the pathway to innovation.

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«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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