Leading people is like being a pilot.

Leading people is like being a pilot.

The pilot is always responsible for everything that happens before, during and after a flight.

It requires broad technical and human skills to fly safely and successfully.

The parallels between pilots and leaders are obvious. Leading people is also one of the most challenging jobs.

This is why impulzity® supports leaders as an every day life assistance system.

The pilot metaphor

The pilot is always responsible for everything that happens on board. It is up to the pilot to ensure that the crew, the aircraft and the cargo arrive safely and efficiently at their destination. Leaders are expected to do the same – Act like a pilot!

The crew member metaphor

A well-established crew is made up of people who make the best possible contribution to the achievement of the objectives in their specialist field. Every move is effective, every communication is easy to understand and all actions are professional.

The aviation metaphor

The world of aviation is a mixture of speed, efficiency, professionalism, adventure and pleasure. Thanks to elaborate systems, proven principles and well-trained procedures, things function at the highest level worldwide.

Every successful mission requires two forms of leadership: People Leadership and Self Leadership.

The aircraft must be balanced during take off and landing.

AND is a powerful word.

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The airplane is the safest way of travelling in the world. The principles of aviation are very useful and impulzity applies them to leadership.


Ask any pilot how they started flying and you’ll hear a love story. Bringing people forward is an incredibly rewarding job.

Crew Member

Being part of a good performing crew strengthens self-confidence and brings lasting satisfaction and of course success.


Airplanes are the safest in the hangar, but that’s not what they were made for. Success comes from doing. What’s your next mission?

Better together!

Leading people is like being a pilot.