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Why is your company called impulzity?

 Because that’s what we do. We provide individual, relevant and precise impulzes for everyone, anytime and anywhere. An impulze is a catalyst that causes something to happen, change or accelerate. Basically, everything starts with an impulze. Here is what I mean: Early in the morning, with the light switch you send an impulze to the lamp to make it shine. Shortly afterward, you press the switch on your coffee machine to heat it up — an impulze again. impulzity takes its name from these impulzes and uses individualized, daily impulzes to enable employees to practice Learning AND Doing. 

 What can we expect from these impulzes? 

 Our daily impulzes are built around the philosophy that positive change comes from the collective power of small steps. By investing just 2×2 minutes per day, tasks can become positive habits that elevate our daily lives. Through the impulzity app, employees benefit from daily impulzes, or learning opportunities, that call for action and get you into Doing. The scope of these impulzes is wide-ranging — from positive communication and understanding of others in the workplace, to enhancing personal wellbeing. The goal is to foster habits that lead to greater individual empowerment and better working relationships. These impulzes are not time-consuming or a burden, but fun to use, effective, easy and quick to put into practice. 

What are the individual benefits?

impulzes are not only delivered consistently, offering direction and encouragement every working day, but they are also precise — individualized to the highest possible level. The foundation is the impulzity Talent Manual®, one of the most accurate typological systems available. Daily impulzes are provided that are precisely tailored to the individual needs, talents and resources of each individual as well as the talents and resources of those around. This means every impulze is highly relevant and valuable, enabling individuals to practice Self Leadership, Team Leadership and People Leadership which lead to greater Productivity AND Happiness.

How can these impulzes lead to better working relationships with our colleagues and employees?

Basically, nobody wins alone — right? Imagine the flat surface of a billiards table as your organization. The game works by hitting one ball at a precise point so that it is propelled forward, setting other balls into strategic motion. Our impulzes act as this initial momentum, directing each individual through small, precise movements to make better contact with their colleagues or employees. 

Our Individual Empowerment Companion® takes everyone’s talents and resources into consideration before delivering impulzes that are relevant and precise for each individual. The more precise and individual the impulze, the better the result — better impulze. better outcome.

As we’ve all spent the last year working remotely and becoming more responsible for our daily routines – how powerful do you believe impulzes could prove in the future world of work?

Remote work is successful when employees practice Self Leadership. Self Leadership has become skill number one. Only those who can lead themselves can be productive and happy. It requires discipline, responsibility, and honest self-discovery, reflection, and awareness. As a portable, personal empowerment tool, impulzity nurtures these skills anytime and anywhere, making it the ideal companion for the future world of work. Your Individual Empowerment Companion® is your personal, daily mentor who never gets tired or gives up, and is always there to support you and your individual development.


Thank you Frank! An illuminating insight into the power of the impulze and how individualized support can enable Self Leadership, People Leadership AND Team Leadership.

«impulzity provides direct and immediately implementable support.»

«To understand diversity and to lead individually is the central point in the field of leadership.»

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